About us

Our Values

We will also do our utmost to keep our values.

  • Customer service above all else

  • Never being satisfied, constantly improving with a strong work ethics.

  • Stay humble, learn, and have fun.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich lives by offering a seamless shopping experience that transcends borders. We strive to bring the essence of East Asia to your doorstep while making essential products accessible to consumers in both the UK and East Asia.

Team section

Meet The Senior Team

Alan Nguyen
Founder & CEO
Alan is founder of Digi East, with responsibility with daily managment of the company division, leading the vision and team towards their missions.
Michael Chu
Chief Operations Officer, COO
Michael is responsible for the strategy and ongoing development of the Vmart's Logistics Operations teams. His teams are on the front lines, interacting with customers and products every day.
Tuan Chu
Founder, Partner

Tuan is a founder of Digi East with responsibility for managing and facilitates communication between the organisation and foreign organisations and develops collaboration, promoting a collaborative relationship beneficial for opportunities.

Mary Lamberte
Chief Administrative officer, CAO

Mary manages and oversees all administrative operation throughout the organisation. Overseeing resource allocation and ensuing smooth operation for all departments.

Maria Balaga
VP Administrative Officer

Maria directs and manages the day-to-day activities of an organization's operations, Implementing company policies, procedures and initiatives.

Kristine Amper
Head of Sales

Kristine manages and oversees the financial and strategic business growth of Digi East. Additionally, developing and generating sales for brands online.

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